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Graduate from Cleveland State or Tri-C? You’ll probably be sticking around.

The majority of Cleveland State University students stay in the state five years after graduation. Credit: Cleveland State University

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you or someone you know went to Cuyahoga Community College or Cleveland State University. Maybe even both.  

An upcoming report from Richey Piiparinen, founding director at Cleveland State University’s Center for Population Dynamics, recently offered some data to back up those assumptions. This study, “Where are Graduates of Select Cuyahoga County’s Higher Ed Schools Going After Graduation,” looks at whether graduates of public universities stayed in Ohio five years post-grad.

Spoiler alert: They do. In fact, as Piiparinen told Crain’s Cleveland Business and Open Campus last year, Cleveland does well at getting people to stay. It’s attracting new residents that’s more challenging.

Take a look at the graphs below to see how Cleveland’s public higher education institutions stack up against their peers across the state when it comes to retention. 

Amy Morona covers higher education for Signal Cleveland, in partnership with Open Campus.

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