Open Campus is adding two additional newsroom partnerships in Texas, part of its effort to deepen higher education reporting in a state that serves more than 2 million college students. 

Open Campus has added a full-time higher ed reporter at The Fort Worth Report and will add another at The Houston Landing later this summer. The partnerships bring the number of Open Campus newsrooms in Texas to four, including ongoing relationships with The Texas Tribune and El Paso Matters. The partnerships make up a cluster of focused local and statewide reporting we’re calling Open Campus Texas

Texas is a massive, powerful state that’s at the center of some of the biggest issues facing the nation, such as the increasing politicization of higher education, the dismantling of diversity and equity programs on campuses, and the intensifying debates over free speech. By placing more reporters on the beat in more places, Open Campus Texas will deepen coverage of this vital topic and connect the dots across the state. 

Shomial Ahmad is covering the colleges of Fort Worth and Arlington for The Fort Worth Report. The Houston Landing is currently hiring its higher ed reporter. They join Kate McGee and Sneha Dey at the Texas Tribune, both based in Austin, and Daniel Perez at El Paso Matters. 

Open Campus reporters cover the role higher ed institutions play in the life and health of a place, including how colleges drive economic opportunity, advance social mobility, and foster healthy families. And, the reporters will hold institutions accountable to these public missions.

We’re committed to telling a range of stories about the role of college in the lives of Texans. And, we want to tell stories that Texans care about. Follow our reporting and weigh in here.

Our work in Texas is supported by the Strada Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the ECMC Foundation.

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