Free college for workers

Amazon last week joined Walmart and Target in offering free college as a benefit to its 750,000 front-line employees in the U.S. Like its fellow retail giants, Amazon views college benefits as a crucial hiring and retention tool.

What the fall of 2020 means for the autumns ahead

Unlike the Great Recession, which knocked even wealthy colleges off their footing, the pandemic is only accelerating a great separation in higher ed. The rich got richer over the last 18 months. For some colleges, it will be very difficult to play catch-up.

What does $4 billion get you?

The wealth gap between historically Black colleges and predominantly white ones is staggering. The top 10 richest universities have endowments totaling $200 billion. The 10 richest HBCUs? Just $2 billion. And the combined endowments for every single HBCU is just $3.9 billion.

Charting better maps to degrees

Community-college students on average rack up 82 credits when earning an associate degree—22 more than they should need. A guided pathways approach seeks to create a structured path.

‘Everything was in Afghanistan’

For nearly two weeks after Kabul fell under Taliban control, Maryam Khademi checked her phone constantly. She was waiting for news that she could leave. It took three attempts, but she and 147 classmates and recent graduates finally made it to the airport.