We’re working to transform local reporting on college by combining the sophistication of a national newsroom that knows a topic very deeply with the engagement of a community newsroom that knows a place very deeply.


Higher-education reporter, Indiana Local News Initiative

Our new partner in Indiana, the Indiana Local News Initiative, is hiring a full-time higher education reporter. In this role, you will work closely with Open Campus to cover the impact of colleges and universities in Indianapolis and in the lives of its residents.

As the inaugural reporter on this beat, you will have the opportunity to shape a beat that reflects community interests while producing daily scoops as well as ambitious features and accountability projects.

Apply here.

Interested in working with Open Campus through our Local Network? We’re expanding around the country with various partner newsrooms. And that means we’re always looking to meet journalists who want to cover college issues for communities. (See our list of current partners.)

We are committed to building a diverse team of journalists who reflect the racial and socioeconomic backgrounds of the nation and of the cities and states where we work. We also want to work with reporters from diverse educational backgrounds. Our team includes reporters who were first-generation college students and who are graduates of community colleges, regional publics, and state flagships.

We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.

Want to be added to our talent pool? Send your resume to jobs@opencampusmedia.org

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