Local Network

In most major American cities, no reporter is dedicated to covering higher education. We want to change that.

We’ll partner with civic news organizations across the country to expand and improve local reporting on higher education. We’ll place an Open Campus reporter in those newsrooms to focus full-time on thoughtful and investigative coverage of colleges in their community. The Open Campus reporter will be supported by a national team of subject-matter experts.

We believe accountability journalism can help higher education serve the public good. Through our local network, Open Campus reporters will examine, uncover, and scrutinize the work of colleges to help citizens hold those institutions accountable.

How it will work

  • The Open Campus reporter is employed by the local newsroom as a full-time reporter on higher education.
  • We pay the¬†salary of the Open Campus reporter, working with local newsrooms to seek support from local foundations and donors to cover a portion of the cost.
  • Our national subject-matter experts provide editorial guidance and in-person training.
  • We facilitate cross-newsroom projects tackling national issues.
  • Stories are published by the local newsroom and by Open Campus. We partner with other national publications to publish stories with broad significance.

Interested in learning more? Working with us?

Please get in touch. Reach us at info@opencampusmedia.org.